Santa Barbara Triathlon Club Profile

Kristin Wise
Name: Kristin Wise

Years in Triathlon: 7

: Physical Therapist at Sansum Clinic

Family Life
: Mom, Dad & Santa Barbara Auntie to the 4 King girls

My Hero
: My Grandma who lived to the young age of 92 and learned how to swim at the age of 70.

Athletic Background: I suffer from Adult On-Set Athletics....I didn't start running or doing triathlons until I was 30.

Favorite Race and why
: Carp Tri because it was my first. Boston Marathon because it's Boston!

Worse Race and why
: Catalina 5K March 2006...too much fun on the island the night before.

This years goals
: Already completed one...finished the Boston Marathon in under 4 hours.  Second goal this year is to cheer Brian & Sheryl King on for their return to racing triathlons.  They have both signed up for the Santa Barbara sprint course & I get to hang out with the 4 girls.
In four years I hope to: Be in London for the 2012 Summer Olympics

Something most people do not know about me
: I color coordinate my running/cycling socks to match my shorts/jersey....don't ask why!  Probably when you're not as fast as Stuart you have to look good instead!