Karen Egerman

Name: Karen Egerman

Years in Triathlon: 3 years in the under 20 age groups, 3 years recently

Employment: Mosquito and Vector Management District--anything related to West Nile Virus and other diseases transmitted by animals

Family life: Josh Schultz and I are getting married this September! We live with our snake and 4 tarantulas. I am from Minnesota, where my mom, dad, sister (38) and brother (36) live.

My Hero: ummmmmmm, David Tilman (my college ecology professor), Rachael Carson (author of Silent Spring), Al Gore, Al Franken, Maynard of Tool, Michael Phelps, my mom, John Stewart (Daily Show), whoever designed my helmet (as opposed to whoever invented speed bumps)

Athletic Background: I did swimming, Nordic skiing, and track in high school. Did three seasons of triathlons in high school and college. Swam the 200 Fly for the University of Minnesota (1999 and 2000 Big Ten Champions). "Let myself go" for 4 years, then started doing triathlons again in 2006.

Favorite Race and Why: some may not consider it a true race, but I'll say Nite Moves. You got your 40-50 minutes of swimming & running, then 40-50 minutes of beer, music, ice cream and raffle (and I never miss a raffle). Plus, the swim is long, run is short, and there's no biking, so I actually place well.

Karen Egerman 2

Worst Race and Why: 2007 Santa Barbara women's sprint. The day started with a flat before the race. The swim and T1 were fine. I was going back and forth with someone for 2nd and 3rd place, then we had to wait for a train! About a half mile later, my chain broke! The next day I got a new chain. I went for a ride and got hit by a car.

This Years Goals: Start training for Ironman Arizona 2009, avoid getting fat, be less shy

In five years I hope to: the word "baby" comes to mind…MAYBE

Something most people don't know about me: I used to swim a lot faster.