Hyacinth Locke
Dining Services at UCSB for 14 years. 18 years if you count my 4 years during college.
Years in Triathlon
Starting year 6!
Athletic Background
I did not enjoy anything athletic when I was younger. It was my goal to always come in last during those timed runs in junior high because I hated P.E. so much. I decided to make a change right before my 30th birthday. I didn’t want to start a new decade feeling blah. Joined a gym. Starting doing 5k races. A ton of 10k races and a couple half marathons later I found triathlons and that was it.
Family Life
Born and raised here in Goleta. Two awesome parents and 2 slightly less awesome than me younger sisters.
My Hero
My parents. They taught me that hard work always pays off in the end.
Favorite Race and Why
Santa Barbara Triathlon. My dad loved watching me finish that race every year so it has a special place in my heart.
Worst Race and Why
Wildflower. First off it involves camping and I don’t like that. The year I did it I left my wetsuit in my car and had to trek back up a hill to our campsite to get it before the start. My whole body cramped in different places through all three sports. After the race while taking the shuttle bus back up the hill I watched my bike fall off the trailer following our shuttle and almost get run over. Perfect ending to a less than amazing day.
This Year’s Goals
Last year I tried to do no running (it’s my least favorite part of triathlons) and only participated in aquabike races. This year I want to get back into participating in full triathlons.
Something Most People Don’t Know About Me
I think chicken wings are a waste of time. Ribs too. I don’t enjoy eating them. All that work eating around those bones for a small amount of meat? No thanks.