Some people are not getting the weekly fun facts so I decided just this time to re-post them here. If you have paid this year and didn't get an e-mail Wednesday let me know.

If you are a past member and haven't joined yet you can send the check to me at PO Box 6402 Santa Barbara Ca 93160 and I will get it to Chris. Check the 'join' tag on the site for prices.

Before I get into some upcoming races I just want to let you know next months meeting will be at Hazards/ Santa Barbara Running at 6.30pm. I'll remind you again next week, and let you know the program, but thing will be certain....I won't be running the meeting. I'll be on vacation so Chris Latham will be stepping in to keep you all under control. Be nice to her, she's just a girl!! ( LOL! Just kidding!! Joking!! Didn't mean it!!!)

So it's definitely getting closer to the start of the race season, but before you do that we have a little social responsibility to take care of:

Adopt a Highway:

Their is now a tab on the website so you can sign up to help out. If you voted Democrat in the last election it's your civil duty to help clean the environment. Republicans will be excused so they can go hunting! Here's a little reminder from Craig Adams,

  I picked up the new (Neon Puke Green) vests, so I'm ready to schedule a highway cleanup.  I'm targeting Sunday, March 8th, at 2:00 PM.  Can we set up the sign-up board to reflect? 

Dave, can you include a message on the Thursday notes?

Craig R. Adams

Done!! Hope to have a good showing. If you've never done it before it takes a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon and you'll feel good about yourself for days.

OK now for a few races:

Breath for Life:

We got you a discount,

Hi Dave, has just activated your codes for this year and they had to make a slight change to one of them:

The two codes that will work are:



There is no difference in the two, both good for $10 off, but they are both case senstive.


Bill LaVigna

Dina LaVigna Ventura Breath of Life Triathlon/Relay

June 28th, 2009

Race Co-Director


So if you are planning on doing Ventura's Breath for Life here's one more good reason to be a member of the Tri Club 

Nautica Malibu Triathlon:

No discount for this one but the registration opens March 2nd and it WILL sell out. The dates have changed so pay attention. The new dates are September 12th and 13th. Go to for details and to register. They have an Olympic distance in addition to the funky distance they've always had.

I don't normally promote runnig races because we are triathletes, but will always make an exception for events run by UCSB. The local running races are covered very well by the SBAA so you won't see results here or on our web site, you may see a shout out for the promoters of the UCSB events.

So here's the first:

  Hi David,

Before your Sunday morning workout come out to UCSB on Saturday March 14th
and Saturday April 25th for two new and unique cross country races.

The Alumni Association along with the Santa Barbara Independent and Santa
Running have started a cross country race series on the UCSB
campus. There are two races left in the series, one on March 14th and the
other on April 25th. It is $20 for faculty and staff when pre-registering
and $25 for faculty and staff when registering on the day of the event. For
general public it is $25 when pre-registering and $30 day of. Registration
starts at 7am and the race starts at 8am.  If anyone would like more
information they can go to

...and the second:

I wanted to invite you and your fellow 7am runners to come out to the
Shamrock Scramble on Saturday, March 14th at UCSB.  This unique XC race is
5 miles in length and features some great singletrack and trails.  I would
be more than happy to give you all the $20 discount rate - they just have
to put on their registration form "Sunday Long Run - Hope Ranch."  The
website is

Hope to see you out there!  Give me a call or email if you have any

Kind regards,


WAIT: That's the same race, but if you're paying attention you get a discount on the second announcement, and finally:

The UCSB Triathlon 

Registration is now open for the March 29th race, so go to to register.

That's it for now on the race scene.

Now that we all got totally amped from the time trail last Friday I want to finish with this weeks ride schedule:

Saturday now has three ride options. The 7.00am group leaves from  East Beach and has seen a group regularly going long around the Lake. The 8.30am group has been gaining numbers, momentum and from what I hear a little speed, so if you want to hang in bed a little longer that may be for you. They also go from East Beach.

So to be different, my group will meet at 7.30am at Vieja Valley School. Last week we did some tempo and hills at a little quicker pace than normal so we'll back off just a little, but still get 2 1/2-3 hours in. Depending on the vote at the time we'll either go out to Goleta and do the 101 to check out how dirty our clean up area is, or we'll do 15 Sea Ranch repeats ( just kidding)! See you on the road.

Oh one last thing, keep checking Facebook, it's getting much more us now and we have the sign up there for the Wildflower weekend in March. More about that next week.

The Pres  

ps You may get a duplicate of this, I'm trying to make sure everyone gets it, even if you haven't paid for 2009.....YOU HAVE'NT PAID??  WHAT!!! Get that check in now, you don't want to miss out on these e-mails, do you?