Well I got the Friday Fun Facts out early and in so doing missed a couple of things:

1) I mentioned the start of the Friday swim but forgot to mention that the Sunday swim in Carpinteria has started again. Vic asks that you bring $2 for kayak support and a snack for after the swim. It's at 11.00am at the beach by Ash and Sandyland in Carp. So now you can swim with the Ducks at 9.00am at Butterfly Beach and still get down to Carp in time for a second one of the morning!! Have fun.

2) I mentioned I would let you know when I heard any more details about Hillary's memorial and a chance to make a charitable donation in her name. Here is the information from Craig:


First of all, on behalf of Corey, Jessica, and myself; I want to express many thanks for the support expressed at Nite Moves last night.  We were very moved by everyone's concern and sympathy.  It is obvious that Hillary has made a great impression on our group.  I wish Brent would have been able to observe it.

I know many of you are wondering what is happening with regard to the services.  Brent and her family are planning to have a private ceremony tomorrow afternoon and despite the overwhelming interest, have decided to keep the size limited. 

Links to a memorial photo album and the donation tribute to the Challenged Athletes Foundation are below.

Brent is working on a plan for a memorial ride sometime next weekend, of which I will be glad to keep anyone interested up to date - just send me a note of your interest.



Hillary Leon Swartzentruber 10/28/77 - 6/21/08

A memorial photo album
Hillary remembered

A site at the Challenged Athletes Foundation for those that wish to donate in her name.

You'll need to cut and paste for the photo album.

Have a great weekend,

The Pres.