Santa Barbara Triathlon Club Profile


Name:  Fred Maggiore

Years in Triathlon: 19, first race in '89, Castaic Tri

Employment: Software Engineer, right out of college, I'm a lifer

Family Life:  wife Janice and "her" cat (who's okay if you like cats...)

My Hero:  Hero is a big word, but people who I have looked up to and admired for their athletic ability/persistence are Vic Birtalan and Jack Bianchi, or basically anyone older than me that can still kick butt, and/or dress sharply while doing it. And of course my old buddy, Steve Issaris.

Athletic Background:  A mediocre baseball player in high school (couldn't hit the curve ball!), but I had a paper route with over 100 customers, so I rode an old Stingray loaded to the max every day after school, which is the only skill I had to start, the ability to ride a bike.

Favorite Race and why:   Gotta love the Santa Barbara Triathlon, home court advantage and such, and my first long distance race (relays first, solo in '95), with lots of great memories and battles on the course with my friends. Best race ever though was probably my recent Ironman New Zealand race/adventure. With such a huge build up to get there, all the training, all the hopes, to actually have one of the best racing days of my life, what else can you say?


Worse Race and why:  My first half Ironman race, in Lubbock, Texas, Buffalo Springs. Under trained, woefully lacking in knowledge about proper hydration, fueling, and electrolyte intake, I overheated, cramped, and DNF'd, the first and only time that has happened. Cramping badly on the bike coming into T2, I sat there with a cold drink trying to get right, where my bike computer was telling me it was 104 degrees. How can you cool down in conditions like that? Mike Swan told me beforehand that riding the bike there was like riding into a blow dryer! How prophetic that turned out to be.

This years goals:  Already done, IM New Zealand. I based my entire '07 training and racing season on preparing myself for my first Ironman distance race and met pretty much all my goals, especially not walking during the marathon and breaking four hours doing it. Next year I hope to take the lessons learned and have a great Half IM race.

In five years I hope to:  be still kicking some butt in my new age group, enjoying the training with all the locals, and meeting more people that enjoy doing the same crazy thing we do, having breakfast or a beer after a hard workout!

Something most people do not know about me:  If you know me, then I doubt there's truly an answer for this. If you don't know me, be forewarned!