Here is some information from Lash Construction courtesy of  Gail Jean Padilla about biking through Summerland in the next couple of days:

 1/3 of summerland down 2/3 to go we (Lash) will be on the road with fresh slurry for the next 2 days
So it may not be a very good time to be riding your bike through that area! We are also going to be putting
Down some new traffic lines so it will be a bit busy out there the rest of the week.

What a fun meeting Friday, you blew my mind with the attendance. About 32 swimmers and just under 80 for dinner. I think we closed The East Beach Grill down about 10.30pm ( not me, I was in bed at that time). Great food thanks to Francisco and a really fun winetasting thanks to Makael Sneeward. I'm going to try and get pictures posted tomorrow if work doesn't get in the way!!

Today is the final day for fund raising for the Santa Barbara Triathlon so if you still have money that hasn't been reported yet get it in now.

Track tomorrow with Kyle, and I'm looking for those Duathlon applications.

Have a great week

The Pres