Amy Bassett Pre Race
March 3, 2012 - La Quinta, CA Olympic Distance 3/4 mile swim, 24 mile bike, 6 mile run

Carrie & Amy

I was encouraged by a friend to race the Desert Triathlon as my first race because it is a lake swim and well managed course. I had to work on the Saturday when the Sprint Distance competed so I bit the bullet and went out for the Olympic. What did I learn in my first race?

1. I need a tri bag because there is so much STUFF to carry
2. 3/4 of a mile swim looks like a long way and it is best to just not think about it
3. Other triathletes that are more experienced are very helpful
4. Having a pinwheel on the end of my bike rack was really helpful in finding it - I struggle with directions so this actually put my mind at ease
5. I am stronger on the bike than I thought
6. Do not spend over 2 minutes racking your bike and tying your running shoes - I honestly do not know what I was doing
7. Even though I was EXTREMELY nervous I was very well prepared and like the longer distances.
8. Becoming faster and stronger has turned into a little game and I honestly do not know what the end results will be this season but I came in 13 out of 40 in my age group with some okay times (minus transitions) on my first race so now it's "let the games begin".
Amy Bassett Pre RaceI am sure that my first season out will have some challenging adventures but I saw in March in the dry desert that this will be fun.
Amy Bassett
(Editor Note: First race? Wow! Let's all congratulate you on awesome effort and great report!)