YOU NEED TO PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW: This will be the last order of the season! 

The 2012 Club Kits will be identical to 2011.  Once again we are excited that we are able to offer very high quality clothing at a reasonable cost.  To place your order please follow these steps:

Pay your membership dues (A $30 clothing credit is included in your membership dues). Click “Join Us” above to download the membership application.  You may drop them off at or mail them to Hazard’s Cyclesport: 110 Anacapa St., Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Download and print the clothing order form hereClothing Order #2 Form 2012

-Refrence LG's sizing chart to determine the proper size you need.

Fill out the clothing order form and write a check for the corresponding amount made out the the Santa Barbara Triathlon Club.  You can leave the application and a check with Bruce at Hazards or mail it to Mike Sgobba (his address is on the clothing order form).

Important Notes

- If you do not place your order by June 9th you will not have any clothing for the 2012 season!

- The reorder may not include many items due to minimums not being met. You will be refunded for the items that we are not able to meet minimums on.

- The Arm Warmers and Leg Warmers will be the same carbon blue as the uniforms and will match the kit very nicely.

-Email us with any questions!