Chris Latham

Name: Chris Latham
Years in Triathlon: 12 years
Employment: Analyst at Citrix Online
Family Life: Mom, Dad, 2 sisters
My Hero: Anyone who conquers their fears - corny, huh?
Athletic Background: Soccer, track, waterpolo, swimming, skiing, surfing etc......I tried to keep up with the boys. My thoughts are any sport "boys" can do I can do better.
Favorite Race and why: I would have to say the Carpinteria Tri, simply because, it's fun, low-key, local and the last race of the season for me!
Worst Race and why: July 4th SB 15K. Like Kristin, too much fun the night before.
This years goals: To not lose focus while training for Ironman Idaho.
Something most people don't know about me: I used to bartend, so I can make a mean "Scooby Snack"!