Name: Beth Bailey


Years in Triathlon: 12


Employment: Used to be an Engineer, then a Consultant.  Now have started The Kiddo Company ( with a mission is to offer natural, healthy foods that are fun and easy to eat.  We are working to launch at Whole Foods in Fall 2009!


Family Life: Husband Jeff (you know, the big tall guy!) and 2 girls, Mary Jane (5 1/2) and Vivian (4).  They are fun! 


Athletic Background:  My main sport was springboard diving.  I competed from age 7-17 and coached for 6 seasons.  I then tore my ACL my senior year of high school which crushed my diving hopes.  In college I switched to 8-oz curls and intramural soccer (both very big sports at Ohio State!)  After undergrad I met a guy who got me into running, I got back in shape and started doing triathlons….


Favorite Race and Why:  Mrs. T’s Chicago Triathlon 1997.  My first “big” race, very exciting with all the people around, and just fun to travel to. 


Worst Race and Why:  Honolulu Marathon 1997.  Someone suggested taking an Advil before the race was a good idea.  I had never done that, and it was NOT a good idea!


This Year’s Goals:  To rid myself of the plantar fasciitis that has plagued me all year.


In 5 Years I hope to:  Still be doing races! I love it.  Although I always dream of training just a BIT more each season…


Something Most People do Not Know about ME:  I cut my own hair. I just don’t have the time to go sit in a salon!