Fred Maggiore - The “Legend” Award
Just when it seemed Fred had done it all in the sport of triathlon he stepped it up once again.  Fred placed 3rd at the Wildflower Long Course which qualified him for the ITU Long Distance Triathlon World Championships. Fred made the trip out to Vitoria-Gasteiz Span and put forth an impressive performance against the worlds best. You are a LEGEND Fred.

Jerrett McFarland - The “Enthusiasm” Award
There is nobody who embraces the sport and lifestyle of triathlon more than Jerrett.  Not only does he love to train and race, he can be spotted at every local endurance event. Jerrett donates his time and energy as a race director putting on the Goleta Beach Triathlon and he even made a trip out to Hawaii to support the club members that were racing in Kona.  What can we say Jerrett, you do it all!

Jason Smith - The “Nut up or Shut Up” Award
Jason went all in this season, decided to step it up and race as a professional triathlete.  The amount of dedication and focus he put forth was impressive and as Jason quotes from one of his favorite movies, Zombieland, “Nut Up or Shut Up.” Jason chose the former.

Dan Rudd - Comeback of the Year
After being plagued with injuries the past couple of seasons Dan turned things around in 2012.  He put together a complete and impressive season with a great performance at IRONMAN Coeur d’Alene and finished up the year running under 3 hours in the Chicago marathon.

Mike Simpson - Crash of the Year
After a great race at IRONMAN Coeur d’Alene some people might decide to take the rest of the season off.  Mike decided it was a good idea to train straight through to Santa Barbara and an even better idea to have a little “big” run in with a Jeep. Somehow the Jeep won! Heal up buddy; we know you’ll be back at it and stronger than ever next season!

Rookie of the Year - Cassidy Hinman
Cassidy embraced triathlon in her rookie year. She became fully immersed in the sport and could be easily spotted at Nite Moves or any Tri Club event. Most notably Cassidy placed 2nd at the Santa Barbara Sprint and took 4th place at Tinley’s in her very first season.

Rookie of the Year - Amy Bassett
Amy dove into triathlon head first her rookie year and put an enormous amount of focus and dedication into her training! She started off the season with the Desert Tri, progressed to the Santa Barbara Long Course and placed 5th at Carpinteria in her very first season.

Mike Sgobba - Most Improved Triathlete of the Year
Mike has shown that with hard work, consistency and focused training comes progression with significant drops in time at every race. He set out on a tear this season completing 2 sprints, 2 Olympics distance races, the SB Triathlon Long Course, 2 Half Ironman races and most notably the Vineman Full!

Marisa Weaver - Best Team Spirit
This season Marisa displayed her unwavering dedication to the SB Tri Club. She was forever present and seemed to never miss a club event. When Marisa wasn’t racing she was offering aid or cheering on her fellow teammates.

Leslie Dimichele - Female Race of the Year
Pocono Mountains 70.3: First Overall!
Leslie put forth an amazing performance as she capped off her season by racing her way to the overall amateur win at IRONMAN Pocono Mountains 70.3.

Taylor Hemming - Male Race of the Year
IRONMAN St.: George 1st place, 2nd overall
Taylor’s early season focus and hard work paid off with a huge performance at IRONMAN St. George. He won the 25-29 age group and was the second overall amateur to cross the line.

Patty Bryant - Female Triathlete of the Year
Patty put together a complete and flawless season starting off by placing 2nd at Wildflower and qualifying for Kona at IRONMAN Coeur d’Alene. She capped off the season with an amazing performance at the Hawaii IRONMAN World Championships. Congratulations Patty!

Matt Trost - Male Athlete of the Year
Matt really stepped it up this season gravitating towards longer distance races. He dominated the local triathlon scene with a win at the Goleta Beach Triathlon, a 2nd Place Finish at the Santa Barbara Long Course and ended his season with a dominating 6th place overall and 2nd in his division at his hometown race in Carpinteria.