The goals of the Championship series are to have fun, get your summer tan going and to participate in all of the events our sport community offers alongside your fellow team members.

SB Tri Club has designated 13 different events throughout the year. Events span the range from swimming, biking, running and triathlon.

Official (sort of) Rules

Participate in as many of the different events as you choose. At the end of the year, we will tally your top six scores. Scoring will be as follows, based on your age group results for that race:

  1. 100 points for 1st place
  2. 90 points for 2nd place
  3. 80 points for 3rd place
  4. 65 points for participating

There are three divisions:

  • Youth (under age 40)
  • Masters (40-54)
  • Seniors (55+)

We'll keep age consistent with triathlon rules - age is based on how old you will be as of December 31, 2020.

Scoring example: Bill, John and Fred all race Lake San Antonio Triathlon. Bill raced M60-64, John races M65-69, and Fred races M70-74. Each wins his age division. Each is awarded 100 points.

Ties will be broken as follows:

  • Participation - Bill and Fred tie with 600 points each. Bill participated in 10 events, Fred in 8. Bill wins the tie-breaker.
  • Total Points - Christine and Amy tie with 600 points each and both participated in 8 events. Amy's total points (not just her top 6) were 780, whereas Christine's total points were 770. Amy wins the tie-breaker.

At our end-of-the-year party we will award a Men's and Women's Champion in each of the three divisions.

Note: must be a registered SB Tri Club member to be eligible for the Championship Series

Championship Series Events

(Race - Date - Sport/Eligible Event)

UCSB Kendra's Race - March 8 - Triathlon

Monday Night Time Trial - April 13 - Cycling

Lake San Antonio Triathlon - May 31 - Triathlon

State Street Mile - June 7 - Running

Nite Moves Swim/Run - June 17 - Aquathon

Semana Nautica 5-mile Biathlon - July TBD - Biathlon

Nite Moves 5K - July 22 - Running

Goleta Beach Triathlon - July 26 - Triathlon, Aquabike, Duathlon

Reef and Run 1-mile Swim - July 30 - Swimming

Monday Night Time Trial - August 3 - Cycling

Reef and Run Aquathon - August 12 - Aquathon

Santa Barbara Triathlon - August 22 & 23 - Triathlon, Aquabike, Duathlon

Carpinteria Triathlon - October 11 - Triathlon

Some races offer multiple events and or distances. Please pay special attention to the bolded descriptions above and the listed events above, as these are the ones that will count towards the Championship.