ORDER DIRECTLY FROM HERE:   https://www.desotosport.com/collections/sbtri

You can also access this collection by going to:
click on the dropdown menu MORE

then click on Santa Barbara Triathlon Club


ORDER DEADLINE:  Midnight February 28, 2018


FIT SAMPLES WILL BE AT HAZARDS UNTIL FEBRUARY 28:  As you try to determine what size is best for you, remember:
  1. The tightest our products ever feel is the first time you put them on.
  2. They do loosen up a bit with a number of wearings and washings, and they never shrink.  
  3. You want our product to be snug and it is better to be too snug than too loose. 
  4. Garments that are worn snug will stay against the skin and not rub you.
  5. Chafing and rashing is typically caused by garments that are worn too loose as the fabric will rub against the skin.  
NEED HELP WITH SIZING?  Email us the following and we will personally help you:
  • CHEST (measured as the largest part of circumference right over the pectoral muscle)
  • WAIST (circumference measured at the belly-button line - this is NOT the same as your pants waist size)
  • HIPS (circumference measured at the widest point, NOT at your hips where your belt may go. typically this will measure just a few inches below your hips bones and around the largest part of the glutes)
  • LADIES:   tracy@deotosport.com  
  • GENTLEMEN:  emilio@desotosport.com
ALL OUR SHORTS HAVE BLACK MODESTY PANELS - We love colors, especially the SB TRI blue and gold, BUT NOT DOWN THERE!  Black contrast modesty panels on lower front, rear, and inner thighs eliminates unwanted attention.  Train and race in comfort knowing we got you covered.
MEN:  You have the choice of:
WOMEN:  We have added a Mobius Trisuit (sleeveless) after getting some feedback last night from some of you ladies.
EVERYBODY:  You have your choice of colors when you order ARM COOLERS!  Blue or Gold!
1.  Free De Soto Race Belt to those who order by February 28.
2.  Get 30% off anything else you want to buy from desotosport.com (including T1 Wetsuits  non-custom clothing, Transition Packs, Accessories, and even Sale Items)  Use this code at checkout:  SBTRI30E2
3.  You can also get 30% off any De Soto products at Hazard’s too.  We hope to have a limited selection of products at the store soon.