Oceanside, CA
March 31, 2012

One of the largest group of racers for a Ironman event gathered to represent Team Santa Barbara Tri Club. The results were highly successful, with every finisher topping the podium, setting a PR (personal record), or finishing in the upper tier of their age group. Weather conditions were damp at the start, with drizzle, 48o weather, 56o water (52 in some areas), then it was a bit rock and roll in the swim, followed by a fast ride out to Camp Pendleton, where the US Marine Corp ran a precision race, down to a new T2 location, with a new hillier run course.  Congratulations to all!

Race Results

Race Photo Gallery & Slideshow

Did you Race, Sherpa, or Support Crew for Oceanside 70.3?

Adrienne Hengels: Race, Handstand Demonstrator

It's a balmy 56o in the water! Adrienne, Jason, Craig, Teagan, John, Tamra, Kyle

Ann Maxwell: Support Crew

Carlos Gonzalez: Race

Curt Direnzi: Race

Craig Spreadbury: Race

Dan Rudd: Support Crew (injured), Photographer, Cheerleader

Elda Rudd: Raced & happy with my race.  Tons of volunteers well supported race.

Fred Maggiore: Race My “B” race 😎

Gary Maxwell: Race Yeah, My “B” race too Fred 😎

Jamie Haggar: Support Crew (injured) Ironstalker, Photographer, I'll be back next year race..

Jamie Johnson: Support Crew, Photographer, Beertender

Jamie Johnson & Carlos Gonzalez

Jan Maggiore: Support Crew

Jason K Smith: Race

John Nelson: Race

Joslyn Spreadbury: Support Crew with Teagan Spreadbury, then ran the Carlsbad 5000 the next day!

Kelly Knowles: Support Crew, Photographer

Kristine Finlay: Race

Kyle Visin: Race

Shannon Visin: Support Crew

Liz Groom: Support Crew with 3 friends!

David Groom:  Race and Post Race

Mariann Thomas: Race

Marie Schnyer: Race

Marie Schyner

Michael Simpson: Race

Nicole Sweetland: Race, Cheerleader, Photographer

Peter Nielsen: Race

Rob Jensen: Race & Stealth Bomber. Did anyone see him? 5:00:26! Nice Rob!

Sandy, Cassidy & Walker Sweetland: Support Crew

Tamara Berndt: Race


"I won! I'm going to Vegas!" Adrienne Hengels

How many times have you Raced Oceanside?

Adrienne Hengels: 1st time.

Curt Direnzi: First Time.

Craig Spreadbury: That was my fourth year at that race and it used to be my favorite race.

David Groom: This is my third time doing Oceanside. Note to other Tri Club members, if Dave Groom signs up for this race, it's going to rain! Did do the previous 2 times I did it, that's why it's been about 7 or 8 years since my last time.

Elda Rudd: First Time.

Fred Maggiore: Third

Gary Maxwell: Fourth

Kyle Visin

John Nelson: This was my third race at Oceanside.  The swim and bike were the same course as in years past. But, the run was quite different.  I liked that they moved the finish line to the area near the pier - I think this was a good move, more spectator-friendly.

John Nelson

Kristine Finlay: Second

Fred Maggiore

Mariann Thomas: First

Michael Simpson: First

Peter Nielsen: First

Tamara: Oceanside Virgin


Best part of the race? (ok, if there wasn’t one… give us the worst!)

Adrienne Hengels: I peed on my bike (editor note: Wow! Better than winning a trip to Vegas?)

Curt Direnzi: Run

Mariann Thomas: Nature Breaks

Craig Spreadbury: Best part about crashing was that I got to watch all the great races by our local racers!

David Groom: Had a really good bike, even though it was cold, dirty and drizzling. Fun getting into my section of T2 and seeing only 1 bike. It belonged to the guy who won my age group. No I never did catch him!

Elda Rudd

David Groom

Elda Rudd: Swimming with big seals in the harbor, actually, finding that out after I was done with the race vs. while I was in the water.

Fred Maggiore: Ready about it in my epic race report when Simpson finishes editing it..

Gary Maxwell: Best part of the race was seeing other club members on the run - giving you encouragement when you were feeling pretty crappy. Worst part was mid way on the bike - soaked and cold - seeing the digital temperature readout on the marine base that said 48 degrees (before figuring in the chill factor). Just nuts.

John Nelson: Best part of the race: Without doubt, the best part of the race was seeing so many SB Tri Club participants and supporters out on the course.

Kristine Finlay: Met my run goal!

Michael Simpson: It was all a good race. Loved passing all the cyclists, and instead of saying on your left, I’d just read the names on their bibs and say, “hi Charles”, of which I usually got a response, like, “Do I know you?”, so I spent a good day being the goodwill ambassador for SB Tri…

Tamara: First 25 mi of the bike, the course was blazing fast! Also during the race I started calculating what I thought my finish time would be.  As I was coming in on the last mile I kept looking for the finish line and couldn't see it.  I was closing in on the time and was worried so I started sprinting in.  Finished 1 min ahead of my calculated time and 11 min ahead of my goal time.

"We're racing!" Kristine, "*!-%$&" John

"We're racing!" Kristine, "*!-%$&" John

Would you race it again?

Adrienne Hengels: Yes

Curt Direnzi:  Probably

Craig Spreadbury: I'm not planning to go back next year, but wouldn't rule it out in the future - there just aren't that many early season races, especially with that strong of a field

David Groom: Yes I plan on doing it again in 2014 when I age up. I still have one more goal left in triathlon and that's to compete in the 70.3 World Championships.

Elda Rudd: sure

Gary Maxwell: Great race and I’d do it again

Gary Maxwell

John Nelson: Yes, definitely. This is a well-run race, with a top-level field of competitors.

Kristine Finlay: Yes Love the US Marine & Navy Military support, organization and precision!

Kyle Visin: I’ll be baaack…..

Michael Simpson: Sir Yes Sir! (those Marines were awesome!)

Nicole Sweetland: Autofill… Yes, Yes, Yes..

Peter Nielson: yes

Tamara Berndt: Yes


Biggest Surprise of the race?

Adrienne Hengels: ~~ Right from the start... we got in the water, were hanging out at the start line. One of the girls in my wave asks, "Are they going to give us 30 seconds or anything?" The official says, "Yes, they'll give you a minute." No sooner did he say that and the gun went off and all of us stood, well, swam still, and asked, "is that for us?" And off we went.... ready or not, here we go!!!

"Stalking the Ironstalker" Nicole Sweetland & Michael Simpson

Adrienne "chicking" a Dude.... again...

Carlos Gonzalez: That I can go that fast, with the limited training. No, really the biggest surprise was now I know why people wear those headlights in the morning (for the portables)

Craig Spreadbury: Must be the guy who was in my way in that corner

Curt Direnzi: Swim was rough

David Groom: Gary Maxwell passing me with about 200 yards to go. I thought I had him, but he had a really good run. Couldn't hang with him so he took third and I got 4th.

Elda Rudd: Surprised to see folks walking up the hills on the bike course, and felt lucky to have the SB terrain to train in.

Gary Maxwell: without a doubt it was both the coldest swim and bike I've endured. There have been much windier days but for pure cold misery this was the tops.

John Nelson: The weather on the bike course was a surprise.  The rain and cold made for a tough day.  I rode by a "time and temperature" sign on the marine base, about 1 hour plus into the ride, and the temperature was 48 degrees!

Kristine Finlay: My picnic in T1. Sort of forgot, "we're racing" in the words of Jon Beeson! My picnic in T1. Sort of forgot, "we're racing" in the words of Jon Beeson!

Michael Simpson: Learning that I can talk and run that well.

Peter Nielson: I crushed it on the bike, then ran a fast first lap on the run, and held on for a PR.

Peter "PR" Nielson

Tamara Berndt: The waves! Everyone kept saying it is in the harbor and it is protected... that's a load of... tee hee hee.