Triathlon training can be messy but it doesn’t have to be.  When we take three different sports with a single coach for each sport combined with different approaches and methodologies, it’s like a beautiful recipe gone bad.  One added more garlic but didn’t tell the other two and now you’re wondering how everyone’s good intentions got you injured, overtrained, undertrained or simply frustrated.  
The Tower26 Santa Barbara Chapter offers coaching programs that can help!
Mission:  To create a platform and opportunity within the Multisport community that has never been seen before in Santa Barbara, CA. Community-driven workouts in front of a coach integrating the swim/bike/run together to give you the best performance for your season.
All workouts are designed around a community-group setting (swim, bike, run) and purposefully integrate each swim/bike/run discipline.  Which means, a coach is watching you just like the good ol' high school/college days.  
5:30am Group swim. Coached by Gerry Rodrigues and Jason Smith 
8am: Strength with Jason Smith
3:30pm: Strength with Jason Smith 
5:45am Zwift Group Ride + Zoom w/ Coaches Jason Smith, Jim Lubinski, Andrew Talanski. 
2:00pm Group Coaching Call with Gerry Rodrigues, Jim Lubinski, Jason Smith Andrew Talanski + all members 
5:30am Group Swim. Coached by Gerry Rodrigues and Jason Smith
9am: Strength with Jason Smith
5:45am Zwift Group Ride + Zoom w/ Coaches Jason Smith, Jim Lubinski, Andrew Talanski. 
5am group swim. Coached by Jason Smith 
Bike/run: TBA 
Run: TBA
Afternoon swim: TBA coached by Jason Smith 
  • 30min discovery call + GAP analysis. 
  • 60min swim analysis, bike fit, run analysis. Filming involved. 
  • 4 group (in person or virtual) practice races to best prepare you before your “A race” for the season. 
  • Communication: Back and forth daily text(s) if needed. One call per week. One follow up of performance per month. 
  •  Swim: Open water specific workouts will be held in the pool and ocean. These workouts are purposefully structured to your open water swimming needs that fall around your race season. 
  • Bike: Three to five coached workouts a week (via Zoom) which are proven to make you faster throughout your season. We have 80 people avg per Zwift ride via zoom. 130 people who you can ride with on Zwift!
  • Run: Coached run workouts are integrated within our swim and bike workouts for the optimal overall performance. Location: Track, trails and roads.  TBA by coach Smith. 
  • Strength: Strength sessions are small group sessions (10 people or less) created specifically for endurance athletes to stay injury free and perform with with longevity in mind. 
  • Weekly group meetings (via Zoom): During this weekly Zoom meeting, multiple coaches get together and talk “everything endurance”.  Special guests every week from pro athletes, nutritionists, bike fitters, swim/bike/run video analysis, inspirational speakers, etc…. We talk about the hot topics and frequently asked questions every week. Listen in at work or join in on the conversation on Zoom! 
Our program eliminates the messiness and allows the swim, bike and run to form a killer recipe.  Having all workouts sync up while training with others under coach observation is the best way to make every second you put into the sport count!  

SBTC members receive the first month free when they contact Jason by May 1, 2023.